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Yuji Takahashi
Music journalist. Chief editor of Mejiro Ba-Rock Music Festival 2007 Official Guidebook
2007年 06月
2007年 05月
Review 12th-15th
Hiroaki Ooi' gave a clavichord recital at Wakeijuku on Tuesday 12th June. Programmed were the Art of Fugue (BWV 1080) and Musical Offering (BMV 1079). And the Unfinished Fugue complemented by Masato Suzuki was added to the program. The serenity which the venue provided and the thick sound realized only by Ooi's clavichord technique are one of the most impressive combinations of music and architecture at this festival.

Nicolau de Figueiredo harpsichord recital, held at Mejiro Anglican Church on Wednesday 13th, drove the audience into a trance by the prodigious performance with his abundant musical aspiration. Both J. H. d'Anglebert's Tombeau de Monsieur Chambonnieres and Antonio Soler's Fantango played for encore, Nicolau won an ovation which was almost frantic.

Claudio Cavina and La Venexiana appeared on stage at Toppan Hall on Thursday 14th for C. Monteverdi's Madrigale. "T'amo" is the word no one never uttered so expressively and sweetly as they sang, possibly, at least in Mejiro area.

Anthonello is one of two resident artist groups of this festival since it began 2005, and this year they had hit the premiere by Vespro. This time, on Friday 15th, Anthonello made a band of 11 artists including Adrian Rodriguez Van der Spoel and Rafael Bonavita. They recreated the impact of the initial contact of the Japan music scene with Western music in 16th century when the Counter-Reformation and Great Discovery interactively urged the penetration and fusion of Renaissance Music in Japan.
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Review over the Premiere Term of the Festival
Review over the Premiere Term of the Festival
(1st-10th June 2007)

Mejiro Ba-Rock Music Festival 2007 was launched on Friday 1st June with a big applause to Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine. At the matinee of Saturday 2nd Marie Nishiyama's harpsichord recital also received warm handclaps at the chapel of International Catholic Hospital (Virgin Mary Hospital). She performed Italian pieces of 17th century with a special harpsichord comfortably meantone-tuned. Mozart's clarinet concerto was played with Eric Hoeprich's basset clarinet on the evening of this day at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. For the 1st movement he showed marvelous improvisation, and his tempo rubato was attractively synchronized with Tokyo Bach Mozart Orchestra conducted by Masahiro Arita. Hiroaki Ooi's harpsichord recital were well-done at Mejiro Anglican Church on Sunday 3rd with all Bach program of Italian Concerto, French Overture, and Goldberg Variations. Marie Nishiyama and Nicolau de Figueiredo had harpsichord duo recital at Mejiro Anglican Church on Friday 8th. Their lighthearted play of Mozart's Sonata for Four Hands (K. 381) was finished with a cheerful applause.

Review over the Premiere Term of the Festival_e0123711_11253517.jpg

in rehearsal for Vespro

Enrico Gatti, violinist whom Mejiro Ba-Rock Music Festival is very much honored to invite, joined in Japanese young ensemble Recreation d’Arcadia, and they presented two different programs at Saint Paul University’s Canteen-1 and Toppan Hall. Moreover they played Monteverdi's Selva morale e spirituale with Claudio Cavina and La Venexiana. The performance was unforgettable and applauded with a truly heartfelt bravo. And it is worthwhile mentioning that this featuring of Gatti, La Venexiana and R. A. was allowed to be realized exclusively at this festival.

Review over the Premiere Term of the Festival_e0123711_1714280.jpg

Claudio Cavina & La Venexiana

Claudio Cavina and La Venexiana gave another concert at the chapel of International Catholic Hospital. It was overwhelmingly intoxicating with Italian madrigale. The music was animated by the lyrics, the lyrics uplifted by the music.

Rafael Bonavita, theorbo and baroque guitar player, had a special tour for this festival. He played at the premiere with Anthonello on Friday 1st June. And he was warmly welcomed by old people at a nursing home and had a one-hour concert for them on Sunday 3rd. And the two-hour recital of Tuesday 5th touched and eased the heart of the audience at Hatoyama Hall, and at Kasoyo, Japanese traditional style cafe, on Thursday 7th Rafael's theorbo met Japan beauty. The other short program was done at Gallery Jun on Sunday 10th. He succeeded his performance at every occasion in front of full of audience. With his charm and passion to communicate with the audience he is one of the most beloved artists and no wonder his CD albums are the top sellers of this festival at this moment. Next he will appear with Anthonello at the Saint Mary's Cathedral on Friday 15th.

Review over the Premiere Term of the Festival_e0123711_11585542.jpg

Rafael Bonavita (baroque guitar),
"Sanz, Murcia, danzas para guitarra barroca"
(enchiriadis, EN2015)

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R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty
R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_1625228.jpg
Rafael Bonavita Met Japan Beauty

for his theorbo recital at KASOYO, 7th June 2007.

R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_1642559.jpgR. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_16424186.jpg

R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_16434581.jpgR. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_1644382.jpg

R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_16453446.jpgR. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_17182220.jpg

R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_16451365.jpgR. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_16443646.jpg

R. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_17242768.jpgR. Bonavita Met Japan Beauty_e0123711_17324681.jpg

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Rafael Bonavita, Theorbo Recital
Rafael Bonavita, Theorbo Recital_e0123711_1643037.jpg
Reminiscent Sound Eases Your Heart

Rafael Bonavita, Theorbo Recital

A dim orange color of the twilight was melting away at a rose garden, when it was overlaid by somehow reminiscent sound of the theorbo wafting from a salon. Rafael Bonavita was sitting and playing the theorbo, a lute-like instrument, in front of the audience inside the Japanese modern-styled, historical house.

No doubt 14 strings of this instrument had never been plucked at this venue before. Its real sound and its repertoire of 17th century Italian music had been surely unknown to most of the audience. And Rafael Bonavita, born in Uruguay, came all the way from Madrid for this festival. Listening to the theorbo music in such an occasion was a rare and exceptional case to the audience. But mysteriously that was not unfamiliar. Everything matched, and was found at home and convincing.

Tone of gaiety with melancholic low-key sound was touching and healing a hidden part of your weeping woe. Soothed by tender subtleties of the pain of love (Bellerofonte Castaldi) and cheerful ostinato of Bergamasca (G. G. Kapsberger), you were allowed to indulge in a sweet sadness.

Rafael’s perfect technique and marvelous concentration gave to the sound power and charm. And his passion to communicate with the audience would never be forgot.

Rafael Bonavita, Theorbo Recital_e0123711_17454851.jpg
Venue and date: Hatoyama Hall, 5th June 2007
-Alessandro Piccinini, Chiaccona
-Alessandro Piccinini, Romanesca
-Bellerofonte Castaldi, Ferita d’amore
-Bellerofonte Castaldi, Sonata forastiera & Laurina corrente
-Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Toccata 12
-Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Toccata arpeggiata
-Bellerofonte Castaldi, Collerica corrente
-Bellerofonte Castaldi, Lusinghevole passeggio
-Alessandro Piccinini, Corrente 5
-Alessandro Piccinini, Toccata 12
-Alessandro Piccinini, Corrente 10-6
-Anonymous (discovered by R. Bonavita)
-Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Passacaglia-Canario-Sferraina-Bergamasca

-Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Kapsberger
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